Microbial amendment of remediated soils for effective recycling

Soo-Bin Kim and Jun-Boum Park. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Seoul National University, Seoul, Republic of Korea.

In recent years, various methods are being considered with appropriate amendments, not with conventional reclamation to recycle deteriorated soils after remediation as agricultural addition, backfilling and construction materials etc. Among these amendments, microbial amendments with effective microorganism (EMs) are known to improve soil qualities such as fertility, strength and toxicity to be recycled into possible utilizations.

This study indicates the possibility of recycling the remediated soils by using these EMs most efficiently. Soil samples will be collected from contaminated sites with either heavy metals or petroleum and will be remediated by bench-scale soil washing and thermal desorption. And then the remediated soils will be treated with easily obtainable inocula, substrates (culture media) near our life and they are compared with commercial EM products in terms of the cost and efficiency.

Also, after treating with a number of mixing ratios, soil properties of (1) fresh, (2) contaminated, (3) remediated (4) amended soils will be evaluated based on soil quality indicators depending on demands and the optimal mixing ratios which are effective than commercial EM products will be determined.

The ratio derived from pre-tests could be applied on the remediated soils with pilot-scale in order to assess suitability for recycling and characterize correlation between soil properties and microbial amendments regarding contaminants and remediation, and furthermore for modelling. In conclusion, application of the established models on recycling remediated soils may help to dispose the remediated soils in future, including environmental and ecological values as well as economical values.

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